Fresh cheese

Fresh Cheese Prolactis

Fresh cheese

Fresh cheese is not naturally matured and is meant to be consumed fresh

Cream Cheese
Cream cheese

Cream cheese could be supplied either plain or with herbs. This type of cheese is perfect for sandwiches, ingredient in bakery industry, sushi or other dishes.  Product is available in retail or bigger industrial packaging.


It is available in many different forms and varieties. Fresh mozzarella balls are sold in a brine, whey or water solution to help them retain their moisture and shape. This cheese has a soft, moist texture and is full of milky flavor. Similar to other fresh cheeses, fresh mozzarella is high in water content and therefore low on fat. It has a slightly acidic or lactic taste.

Prolactsi Mozzarella
Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a fresh cheese curd product with a mild flavour. Cottage cheese is drained, but not pressed, so some whey remains and the individual curds remain loose. This product is low in fat and reach in proteins.

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